Scicom e-Government Solutions

Scicom offers new and innovative service delivery models to meet the challenges of delivering improved outcomes within strict financial limits that has helped governments to manage costs more efficiently while improving the quality of service to the public. We've been a trusted partner of many  government departments and agencies since 2010.

Our e-Government Solutions enable governments to improve their efficiency and effectiveness via an integrated and unified digital approach for government to citizen services.

Scicom’s e-Government Solutions focuses on digital government services and solutions for federal, local and state government clients. Our solutions enable government agencies to rapidly deploy technology tools and services that are easy to use, easy to maintain, and cost efficient. Scicom’s e Government Solutions are customised to each client’s specific needs.

We help bring more creative and effective ways of working through our extensive capabilities and infrastructure, offering flexibility, increased service efficiency, high quality and transparency about what is being delivered and at what cost. Scicom adopts the right approach for transforming and managing existing services or creating completely new service infrastructures.

At Scicom, we deliver a variety of single functions to our clients – HR, IT, Application Development, Social Media, Digital Support back and front office support coupled with Business Intelligence – as well as tightly integrated end-to-end services, enabling key government departments to launch new policy initiatives and help their supporting agencies to transform and manage existing services.  This includes introducing and deploying new digital service channels as these provide the benefits of access and convenience for service recipients, cost savings for tax payers and new data to inform policy makers.

We design collaborative service arrangements to meet specific customer service and wider policy requirements. Our approach is  to apply our expertise in ways that can complement the expertise of public and voluntary sector organisations so that the needs of the public are put first.  Scicom always brings new and auditable ways of helping government deliver on its objective of achieving full transparency into service contract arrangements.

Our wide range of capabilities and extensive infrastructure mean we can quickly scale-up to meet any requirements for throughput, service efficiency, quality and flexibility. We constantly work to realise wider commercial value for tax payers from government’s unrivalled intellectual property in programme and project management methodologies. Scicom has the right balance of people, skills and technology to achieve either – and the experience to recommend the best course of action.

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