Scicom E-Commerce Solutions

Our unique approach of providing innovative end-to-end solutions means that our clients can see significant improvements in efficiency, quality and value.

Scicom’s e-commerce solution is integrated to include application development, graphic design, internet marketing and customer support. Our customized solutions provide unmatched ROI, boosted revenue generation as well as increased site engagement and traffic.

We offer unique, tailor-made e-commerce solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements with optimum use of modern IT infrastructure that will guarantee success. Our customers have the choice of taking the whole suite of Scicom’s e-commerce offerings or they can pick the specific services they require. We can thus ensure that the provided solution is a perfect match for the customer’s requirements.

Whether the solution entails mobile app development or custom-built e-commerce platforms, our experienced team will cut the time to market and ensure a successful implementation of your internet sales channel. With a wide array of skill sets, we not only focus on the software but the sales funnel that will generate the most conversions. We do this by experimenting with different user interfaces, and tracking customer navigation and behaviour on the site.



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