Scicom Differentiation

Realising Digital Possibilities and Optimal Customer Experiences

It may not be rocket science to outsource Customer Experience or other eSolutions, but to CONSISTENTLY DELIVER GREAT OUTCOMES requires a unique blend of experience, skill, proven methodology, technology, a culture of continuous learning, innovation and improvement, together with a close working relationship with the client.

But at the end of the day, even with the rise of omni and digital channels, automation and AI, it is usually PEOPLE who make the difference. 

For this reason Scicom is a People company, albeit one that embraces the possibilities and challenges presented by the digital wave - and for these reasons we also focus heavily on Quality, Security, Technology, and Visibility. We believe this combination together with our proven experience and range of office locations, assures superior business outcomes at lower total cost. 



We are a highly capable and agile services company with people from over 50 countries, supporting high-value clients from the Fortune 500, to SME's and Domestic businesses, using every form of communication channel in dozens of languages and dialects.

We treat our people as our customers treat their own. We run a personal development programme which supports our people who wish to develop themselves in ways that are good for all concerned.

Along with stable management this explains why our attrition rates are around half the industry average – resulting in happier staff, less disruption or retraining, and better client outcomes. 



Our Quality Management System has achieved significant benefits over 20 years for our customers of all types and sizes, worldwide.   These benefits come in the form of business outcomes which exceed original client expectations and result in mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships. 

In June 2018, Service Strategies re-validated our Service Capability & Performance (SCP) certification, rating us among the world’s highest performers.

Also in 2018 we have again been rated as a Leader in the IAOP® Global 100 ranking of Outsourcing Providers.   Frost & Sullivan rated us Malaysian BPO of the Year 2017 and the Malaysian Institute of HR Management awarded us the Grand Award as Malaysia Employer of Choice for 2017.



We are ISO 27001 certified but look to cyber and other aspects of security to stay one step ahead. This is because the rapid pace of change of today’s technology environment can leave legacy processes inadequate.

For this reason, we have a dedicated team of security specialists in Malaysia who offer a service that takes a helicopter view of a client's networked security domain, looking beyond ISO 27001 to take a holistic perspective of how customers are actually protecting themselves end-to-end, including to and with their business partners - we don't want to be the weakest link in your corporate security operation.



To reduce the need for Capital Expenditures. to be more agile and responsive to evolving client needs, and in order to be able to operate Contact and eSolutions centres at any of our growing network of locations worldwide, we are investing in cloud based infrastructure on an “as a service” basis.   This infrastructure is not based on a single architecture and thus also enables us to deploy the most cost-effective, appropriate technology to each of our customers, be they with highly sophisticated or simpler needs. 

We have also created OCEAN, our Omni-Channel Easy Access Network, to get us closer to our clients and enable us to more speedily deploy super high-availability, high-performance and cost effective connections from client data-centre or network hubs to our Cloud infrastructure or BPO/eSolutions centres.



We understand the importance of Agent performance standards and are providing customers with dashboards so they can view their operations in as near real-time as possible.

Callers may also have voice quality issues which impact customer experience without the contact centre manager being aware. 

To address this, we can regularly test client access numbers from an outside-in perspective, from dial tone to IVR welcome message. Where numbers are unavailable, experience excessive post-dial delay, ring no answer, drop, have voice quality or SBC/IVR routing issues, we notify managers, raise trouble tickets to network operators and update customer dashboards.