Phytosanitary Information Management System

Scicom’s Phytosanitary Information Management System turns costly, time consuming and inefficient paper based processing into a streamlined online process. Our Phytosanitary Information Management System (PIMS) provides an on-line platform for registering importers and exporters and expedites the phytosanitary certification, import approval, release and transit approval processes. It facilitates for the following benefits:

  • Streamlines the inspection, laboratory testing and treatment procedures.
  • Support the needs of exporters and importers by eliminating export delays and costs associated with the traditional paper and courier based certification.
  • Shortens the turnaround time for clearance of plants and plant products at the point of entry, reduces the time required to obtain a phytosanitary certificate, and decreases the risk of fraudulent certificates.
  • Ensures that the plants or plant products covered by the certificates or permits have been inspected according to appropriate procedures and are considered to be free from quarantine pests and conforms with the regulations of the respective countries.

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