OCEAN (Omni Channel Easy Access Network)

Digital Possibilities : Connecting the World

Innovation is a critical enabler of digital possibilities and higher levels of customer experience. One way we are innovating to help achieve these goals is through OCEAN: our global omni-channel easy access network. 

OCEAN transforms communication between Scicom and our Outsourcing and eSolutions Customers. Historically, in common with other BPO providers,  we had to work with each new client to establish a bespoke network solution in order to initiate voice and data communications. This was cumbersome, slow, manpower intensive, error-prone and costly.  Even when working, the solution may not have been resilient or tolerant of network issues.  And most likely it was less than flexible in the event of a need to relocate agents to a new location.

Now, using forward points of presence and the OCEAN network, we make it simpler, faster and cheaper than ever before to connect  

YOU…  using any media channel, from anywhere in the world, be that from your data centre or telecommunications hub. Or by redirecting calls or other CRM media types from existing or new network service providers ... to

US..  wherever we are.  Usually via our contact centre infrastructure in the Scicom Private Cloud, and thence to one of our solutions centres, Today this often means to one of our primary centres in Malaysia or Sri Lanka, but increasingly we also link to our other eSolutions hubs in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.  Or to agents working from home.   


By deploying our own multi-media IP network as opposed to fixed point-to-point solutions, OCEAN makes us more agile and gives our Customers a degree of future-proofing for when their own client engagement strategies evolve over time.

OCEAN also enables higher levels of overall contact quality and reliability of client communications - no more dropped calls or app sessions due to global IP network issues!  And comes with an unparalleled level of visibility of how actual customers are experiencing their voice and chat sessions with the contact centre IVR or Agent.

It adds up to a powerful story of innovation around Digital and Cloud, to get closer to customers and deliver better, faster, more continuous, more cost-effective solutions and better business outcomes than ever before.

Truly OCEAN spans the Oceans for our BPO, eSolution, Digital and Education Customers, worldwide.