Peter Elsey

Peter Elsey
Senior Vice President
Business Development and Sales

Peter joined Scicom in July 2018 having spent the previous 27 years working in pan-Asian Sales, Channel Sales and Business Development leadership roles at BT and Riverbed Technology.   

Peter is no stranger to BPO or Scicom.  In 2002, he set up BT’s first Asia-Pacific line of business unit for CRM, which he ran through 2005.   Throughout this time and for several years beforehand,  Scicom was one of Peter’s largest CRM customers, alongside other contact centre operators, both insourcers and outsourcers.   

Now having joined the Scicom family,  Peter’s primary goals are to spearhead Scicom’s unique value proposition for the digital omni-channel and AI era, and to drive Scicom to a global customer base, focused on multi-lingual premium customer care and leveraging Scicom’s experience and capabilities in added-value eSolutions.  

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