Interpol Integrated Solutions

Steady growth in cross border travels, combined with the increased threat of terrorism and inter border crime makes it a necessity for border agencies to process travellers without compromising on security and speed. Scicom partners with a government’s National Central Bureau and Immigration Department to enhance border security by providing integration to Interpol’s databases at the country and local level.

Scicom’s solution connects the local government’s Police and Immigration systems to Interpol’s secured communications line. The integration allows permitted officers to access Interpol’s databases directly. This enables officials to search and cross-check a wide range of Interpol databases from any location. Integrating the Extended Interpol Database Service (EIDS) via the National Central Bureau facilitates the following:

  • Secured communication between the Border Control System and EIDS.
  • Online real-time access to hits.
  • Quick Interpol responses in cases of suspected and wanted persons.
  • Real-time access to information on suspected terrorists, wanted persons, fingerprints database, DNA profiles, lost or stolen travel documents, stolen vehicles and stolen work of art.
  • Alerting authorities on illegal immigration and emigration.
  • Instant access to critical policing information.
  • Criminal investigation support from other countries.

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