Customer Care - Technical Support

Businesses knows that when a customer has a problem, the experience of resolving the issue has a profound impact on future purchases. This effect has been amplified as social media and web review sites enable customers to share their experiences widely on the internet.

Scicom’s journey based approach for Technical Support combines active listening at every touchpoint with analytics to provide insights and action plans to address cross functional support problems. Our Customer Care team manages the complete end-to-end technical support journey and goes beyond the individual transaction to understand the broader reasons for the call, email, or social media post. The team addresses the root causes of issues that damage customers’ experience, and assist clients to redesign and support improved journeys

Scicom has enabled many clients to benefit from outsourcing its technical support function. Key benefits include:

  • Infusing technical support expertise and implementing proven customer journey management practices
  • Designing efficient processes and utilising the latest contact centre technologies to improve service levels and productivity.
  • Providing redundancy and disaster recovery services to ensure business continuity for customer support
  • Providing customer analytics and insights to facilitate collaboration across business functions and levels to improve the customer’s experience

With 20 years of experience and millions of customer interactions, Scicom enables companies to skilfully manage the entire technical support experience to reap enormous rewards— enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn and increased brand loyalty.

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