Corporate Sustainability Statement

The Board is mindful of the need for sustainable principles to provide valuable insight into business opportunities and risks aimed at enhancing the Group's business model and value. Sustainability is seen as an integral part of value creation, for operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee well-being and ongoing community support.

Scicom’s understanding of the importance of responsible practices is reflected in its mission statement which states that “not only do we strive to be the best in the industry, but also give the best to the environment we operate in”.

In line with the Group’s vision and core values, Scicom aspires to achieve excellence by integrating sustainable principles in all its business activities.

All sustainability initiatives are made collectively by the management in line with the Group’s commercial strategy. Th e Board has the overall responsibility to deliver sustainable value to its stakeholders through the principles, policies, objectives and strategies of the Group.

To assist the Board in driving and reporting the Company's sustainability practices, the Company has established the Sustainability Working Committee (SWC).

The SWC has been tasked with developing and driving the implementation of sustainability policies into the Group's businesses and is responsible for:


Identifying Material Sustainability Matters

Key stakeholder engagement is vital in linking the Group's business strengths to its long term success. To identify key sustainability matters, the Group gathers relevant information for its operations from both internal and external parties.

This information is gathered and assessed through discussions with each stakeholder using the following methodologies:


Materiality Process

The Company has developed the Sustainability Policy which includes the framework, processes, and procedures used to identify and assess the materiality of sustainability matters. Th e Company recognises that communication with stakeholders is imperative in understanding stakeholders' expectations and concerns on the sustainability matters.

The Company’s materiality process and analysis is outlined in the following three (3) steps:


Th e Group’s Material Sustainability Matters identified by SWC, includes the following:


I. Economic

a. Customer Satisfaction

The Group recognizes the importance of mastering customer satisfaction as a business growth driver for success and to remain competitive. Customer satisfaction surveys are carried out monthly on all projects to identify areas for improvement to serve our customers better as well as develop new product designs to sustain the Group's business growth.


II. Environmental

b. Environmental Compliance

The Group is committed to comply with the preservation of the environment and at the same time enhance the living standards of the community with more job opportunities in a sustainable manner.

The Group continuously communicates with its employees to reduce use of paper by printing only necessary documents or emails, using double-sided format when printing, and sending all discarded documents and boxes for recycling.

Scicom employees are mindful of eco-friendly practices and understand the importance of environmental preservation. Th e company constantly engages with employees on proactive measures for environmental conservation and these include effi cient use of energy, water, use of biodegradable and eco-friendly products in the offi ce, reuse and use of recycled paper and other measures to reduce carbon footprints. Various initiatives have been implemented to conserve and reduce utilization of paper, electricity, water and offi ce supplies in our daily operations.

Employees are encouraged through periodic dialogue sessions to suggest innovative ideas that can generate more savings of resources. Th is has resulted in savings not only from a fi nancial standpoint but also in cultivating a culture of environmental awareness and conservation amongst our employees.


III. Social

c. Occupational Health & Safety Management

The Group practices safety measures for compliance to safety and hygiene in workplace such as the improvement and the preventive fire protection emergency measures, preparedness for occupational injuries and illness, as well as promoting health programmes for employees.

Further to building a pleasant working environment, Scicom places emphasis in prioritizing its employees' wellbeing and safety. The company conducts regular health and safety inspections and implements safety and health improvement activities for its employees annually.


d. Human Capital Development

Scicom is committed to instilling innovation in the minds of our employees to drive new strategies and improvements for productivity in our service delivery and business operations. The company’s Learning and Development department has played an instrumental role in driving excellence in our workforce through competency and leadership development for peak performance.

Scicom believes that employees who are effectively managed and supported to perform to their full potential make the Group more efficient and competitive. We strive to empower our people with equal learning and development opportunities to ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to give their best.

In October 2017, efforts to provide best in class HR practices to our employees saw Scicom being named as the Grand Prize Winner for the Employer of Choice category in the 17th Malaysia HR Awards from among other contenders. This prestigious award by the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management is the highest accolade that an organization can receive, which companies across industries participate in to benchmark themselves. It is recognition of an organisation’s outstanding achievements in translating and combining vision and action with HR Strategy; building alignment to mesh HR Strategy with business priorities; and cultivating competencies for the future to enable the organisation to be future-ready.

Scicom has successfully, with its accredited in-house courses, trained and retained the right people who have the ability and motivation to deliver performance of high standards.

Scicom’s recruitment of young talent initiatives involves active participation at local career fairs and campus recruitment events.

As a global employer, the Scicom workforce comprises a diverse and dynamic mix of talent to help take on business challenges, opportunities and growth transformation. Scicom is committed to building a work environment which provides employees the opportunities to improve and develop their capabilities, skills and talent. All employees have opportunities to build their career, develop to their fullest potential, work with confidence with the Company, and grow with the company professionally and personally.

Scicom continuously emphasize teamwork and effective employee engagement to generate higher productivity, lower turnover rate and better operational results.

Scicom believes that open dialogue is an important avenue to promote effective communication, as well as to foster closer bonds between the Management and employees.

The Employee Satisfaction Survey “SPEAK” is conducted once a year. This annual survey examines employee and immediate manager relationship to gauge employee satisfaction levels with senior management and performance management, employees’ perception for their career growth, compensation and welfare, work environment as well as their overall perception of the Company. The survey results are tabled at management meetings and action plans are devised to address areas that need improvement.


Scicom has several initiatives in the workplace aimed at being an employer of choice. Some initiatives introduced this year include the following:

I. Enhanced corporate governance practices with a review of the whistleblower policy and procedure, fostering an environment where integrity and ethical behaviour are encouraged and maintained.

II. Improve employee engagement. Th e “Scicom Delight” intranet is now a focal point for employees to access timely and comprehensive information on current developments in the Company.

III. Focus on skills development and improvement by sending employees for in-house training programmes throughout the year. Towards this objective and over the financial year, Scicom has trained over 2000 employees through a series of programmes offered by the Learning and Development department with the target that each employee attends at least 4 in-house training programme in a year.


IV. Inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and esprit de corps amongst the employees, by organising sports, games and other activities throughout the year under the “Delight” programme.


e. Local Community Development​

Scicom continues to invest in its commitment to contribute to the national economic development of the country by improving the quality of life of its workforce and their families, as well as of the local community and society at large.

Scicom’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are about business giving back to its people.

Some of the initiatives include:


Free Health Checks for All Employees –

In Mid‐September 2017, the management organise a free medical check‐up for its employees at its Headquarters in Menara TA, Kuala Lumpur. The effort involved doctors from the Qualitas Medical Group conducting medical screening services on our premises for a period of two weeks. Employees were essentially required to undergo a doctor supervised medical test and routines which among others screened the participants for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and ascertained their overall cardiovascular health.

As the response to this campaign was encouraging, Scicom will endeavour to make this an annual practice for its employees.


Box of Hope Project, Penang Flood Relief –

In early November 2017, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET) issued a red alert notice on the Penang flood situation, following which Scicom Operations initiated a Box of Hope project.

Volunteers from the Scicom operations team prepared the Box of Hope for the affected homes. Each Box of Hope was filled with toys, educational supplies, hygiene items and clothing items. In addition to the Box of Hope, supplies such as groceries and books were also packed to be shared with the affected homes.

Between 17th November and 2nd December 2017, representatives from the Scicom Operations team travelled to Penang and the mainland to deliver the Box of Hope on their off days. A total of 287 ‘Box of Hope’ were delivered across 7 homes (orphanage and old folks) to 240 children, 34 seniors, 6 special needs individuals, 5 caretakers, and 2 infants.


IV. Technology

f. Technological Improvement and Intellectual Property (IP) Development

To keep pace with the competitive business environment, the Group has continuously explored areas for technological improvement to develop new products as well as to maintain quality and productivity expectations.

Through the years, the Group has invested in and continues to invest in information technology, capital expenditure and software development to remain cost competitive and to increase operational effi ciency to wards providing sustainable business growth.



As a company with international reach serving multinational customers, Scicom has harnessed the elements of diversity and inclusion across its workforce, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We recognize that diversity plays a vital role in allowing our employees to fulfi ll their potential and maximize their contribution to the company. Scicom recognizes the value of a diverse workforce in rendering services of our multinational customer base. Due to the nature of our operations and the strong understanding of the business, Scicom is able to provide employment to a vast majority of fresh graduates.


Ethnic Diversity

In 2018, the ethnic diversity of our Malaysian workforce is illustrated in the following chart.


Scicom maintains a balanced ethnicity of its workforce reflecting the multiracial ethnicity of the country.


Gender Diversity

In 2018, female employees made up 48% of our Malaysian workforce with 44% female representation in management positions.

In an effort to encourage and attract greater female participation in our workforce, the company has been paying greater attention in providing facilities for the benefit of our female employees.


Age Diversity

In 2018, 62% of our employees were under 30 years of age and 28% were between 30 and 39 years old. The average age of our employees excluding senior management is 29. This reflects that the majority of our employees are young and vibrant.

The management believes that the sustainability practices adopted are reasonably adequate and manageable to steer the Group's sustainability growth. However, the management will review and consider suggestions, ideas and the need of other relevant sustainability practices for implementation as the Group grows and evolves.