Supply of Information

The Directors have full, unrestricted and timely access to all information and direct access to the SMT to enable them to discharge of their responsibilities. The Board is provided with the meeting agenda and Board papers at least five (5) working days in advance of the Board meeting date. This enables the Directors to have sufficient time to review the Board papers and seek clarification or further details from the management or the Company Secretary before each meeting to ensure preparedness for the meeting. Access to the Board papers by the Directors is done through a collaborative software which allows the Directors to securely access Board documents electronically.

Any Director may request matters to be included in the agenda, Urgent papers may be presented and tabled at the meetings under supplemental agenda.

Where applicable, briefings and presentations by management or relevant external consultants are also held at Board meetings to advise the Board and provide relevant information and clarification for informed decision making by the Board.

In addition, the Directors have unrestricted access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary and are regularly updated on new statutory and regulatory requirements relating to duties and responsibilities of the Directors. All the Directors, whether collectively as a Board or in their individual capacity, may seek independent professional advice at the expense of the Company in carrying out his or their duties respectively.