Citizen Identification Solution

Our Citizen Identification solution makes Government-to-Citizen transactions safer, easier and more efficient. Scicom’s Citizen Identification Solution enables governments to deploy an effective identity management solution and stay ahead of counterfeiters. Our solution revolves around the Citizen Identity Lifecycle and facilitates for the following:

  • Register infants and obtain biometric data and provide an electronic identity which is tied to the parent’s/guardian’s identities in the Central Citizen ID Repository.
  • All government sources for birth, name change, parent/guardian status, marriage, divorce, and death are linked to the Integrated Citizen ID and Civil Registry.
  • When an adult applies for a passport, driver’s license, or health care and social security benefits, his/her identity is validated by providing biometrics which are then matched against the National Citizen Identity Repository.
  • When a person dies, the authoritative source for recording deaths will then automatically update the citizen’s entry in the National Citizen Repository via Application Programming Interfaces (API) tied to the national citizen identity provisioning system.
  • Single identity per citizen. Any changes to the identity are then shared with other relevant services.
  • One repository to change information like addresses, marital status, etc. The same identity is used for access management.
  • Citizens don’t have to fill in the same information over and over in forms for different services.

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