Border Control System & Solutions

Scicom offers an integrated approach to border management, modernising the border clearance process, to make checkpoints secure and efficient and to provide authorities with full control over all entry/exit points.


  • Partnering with governments, from strategy through to design, implementation and operations, to deliver an integrated and secure approach.
  • Integrating border control touch point at Entry and Exit points to utilise biometrics as the main identification token. The device extracts the data held in the traveller’s ePassport and matches it against distinctive biometric traits to confirm the identity of the traveller.
  • The Border Control system performs checks against Interpol and local criminal databases and alerts authorities to potential threats in real time.
  • Allows for swift decision making and law enforcement intervention, denying entry for inadmissible persons and those posing a threat.
  • Enabling border agencies and immigration authorities to improve service, speed and security.

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