Biometric Solutions

Scicom’s Biometric Solutions has been proven to be extremely efficient in protecting assets that are vital to our clients’ business. We use these systems and solutions not only to protect our clients’ business assets but also to preserve the integrity of their data systems and to allow controlled, authenticated access to their privileged information. Scicom’s biometric systems and solution products are easy to use, robust and cost effective.


  • Provides for a wide range of tasks for processing, editing, searching, retrieving, and storing relevant data and subject records.
  • Includes a variety of automated identification solutions, automated search capabilities, electronic image storage and electronic exchange of information.
  • Uses automated processes to recognize a person based on physiological characteristics.
  • Uses digital imaging technology to obtain, store, and analyse data. Its features include fingerprints and face recognition.
  • Provides for a secure and comprehensive access control solution.
  • Personalised solutions to meet clients’ specific business and security requirements.
  • Comprehensive, fast and robust and gives clients the power to create user groups, apply security settings and determine user access rights.
  • Extensive range of reporting options, stored on a central server, allowing for instant and effortless report generation in real-time.

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